Monday, October 13, 2008

So what's the Purpose of the Welsh Secretary?

There are regular rumours of the government's intention to merge the Secretaries of State for Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

When this is raised, we are told that it would be dreadful for Wales to lose its seat at the top-table, that we will be unable to influence British policy - one of the central reasons given by unionists for their support for Britain rather than an independent Wales.

It seems strange, then, that, instead of fighting the battle for Wales over the local council investments in Iceland, and ensuring that our councils' money comes from central reserves, he would rather that the Assembly, a non tax-raising body, should bear the brunt of this.

Plaid's economic adviser, Eurfyl ap Gwilym, has already noted that, while local government is indeed in devolved territory, the contingency funds that are being used to assist English Local Government groups are not, and have no such Barnett consequential.

Therefore, the Treasury is responsible for helping our councils, not the Assembly.

The question we must ask, though, is not just about who's responsible, but why Paul Murphy is so keen to be Westminster's man in Wales, rather than Wales's man at Westminster?

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Dai Rhys said...

I have taken issue with your argument on my blog.