Thursday, November 06, 2008

Adam says "Yes!"

Adam Price uses his column in Golwg today to urge supporters of a Welsh Parliament to get out there and start campaigning in favour of a referendum.

Having watched last year's consensus over support for a referendum slowly dissipate - the Tories' Roberts' Review has fudged big-time and Labour in the Bay have seemingly become content to let their London masters tell them how it's done - there is a need for an energetic and vigorous 'Yes' campaign to re-invigorate Welsh politics before we all get bogged down in the tedium of Peter Hain's LCOs.

Any 'Yes' campaign must be cross-party and involve everyone across Wales.

Wales is too important to let people outside Wales take our decisions for us.


Dai Rhys said...

A very disappointing post. I thought you were about the "heavyweight" politics? All this spin about "London masters" and outsiders belongs in the political playground.

There's a simple challenge here. If Plaid want to get a "yes" campaign off the ground, what's stopping them?

Draig said...

And the answer? Ieuan Wyn Jones is desperate to appease Rhodri Morgan, who is desperately trying to paper over the huge cracks in the Labour Party over this issue.

Unfortunately, in the process, Ieuan is opening up cracks in his own party. It should be obvious to anyone with any political nous that Labour is just using Plaid to keep itself in power, as it did with the Lib Dems back in 1999.

And what did we get out of that failed coalition? The Richard Commission - another public consultation that's been kicked into the long grass.

Anonymous said...

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