Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Need for Supervision

I was walking through Holton Road earlier on today and was surprised to see a news cameraman filming outside one of the tanning stores near King Square.

It made a little more sense when I saw this story, about a 14 year old using a coin-operated sunbed with no supervision and suffering first degree burns.

The owner claims to have been working within the law, but it is certainly outside the spirit of the law to allow unrestricted and unsupervised access to such dangerous devices.

I certainly hope that both tanning salon owners and users pay attention to this case and make sure that everyone is aware of the risks, and that future regulations ensure that such usage cannot be unsupervised.

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barrwg said...

Sadly, age has nothing to do with this - people twice the girl’s age have suffered the same fate.

I can only echo your view that this type of operation should be outlawed and supervision become compulsory.

Mind you, what on earth are tanning salons doing in the Costa del Sol of South Wales......