Friday, January 09, 2009


I have to be honest, I never watched Gladiators when I was in my teens as I was usually too busy finding my way home from the football on a Saturday night.

In any case, I got more than my fair share of John (Awooga!) Fashanu when I had to work opposite him in his time as chairman of Barry Town.

But my interest was piqued by an interview in today's Metro (not the sort of place you expect promotion of Wales or Welshness) with Barri 'Goliath' Griffiths, the Gladiator from Porthmadog.

Apart from the fact that I can't believe anyone finds the time to eat eight meals a day, never mind get some time in the gym apart from that, I was amused by the final question:

"What's the best thing about being Welsh?

I'm a Welsh speaker which I'm very proud of. Hopefully being a gladiator and speaking Welsh will make kids think it's cool to speak Welsh."

Aww! Heart-warming or what?

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