Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Concerns over St Athan Plans

An article on the Public Service website highlights concerns over the future of the Defence Training Review at St Athan.

As a local resident, I am always trying to keep up to date with the latest on the development, one that 18 months ago seemed destined to take place, with champagne flowing all around Rhodri Morgan and Jane Hutt at the Assembly.

I'm not a pacifist, nor am I against the St Athan base or, in principle, it's development. However, I remain concerned about the privatisation of defence training, the effect of PFI and the effect that the development would have on quality of life in the Vale. In fact, the Vale of Glamorgan as we know it may not exist with such a giant project taking place right in the middle.

With such obvious difficulties arising for the project, whether the failure of the land sales or the slippages leading to increasing costs, it's surely time that the local MP, John Smith, stopped being so bullish about the project and started answering the questions that local Plaid members have already put into the public domain.

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