Thursday, September 25, 2008

Identity Cards

I've just listened to Jacqui Smith's statement on identity cards for non-EU students and marriage visa holders.

To be honest, given the government's record on identity data loss in the past year or so, it seems difficult to believe that they are going ahead with this.

But not just that they're going ahead with the plan, but the step-by-step process through which they're introducing id cards.

As human rights organisation, Liberty, point out: "Picking on foreigners first is divisive politics; as costly to our race relations as our purses".

Like my party, I am, and always have been, against identity cards on principle. I don't believe that it is the role of government to snoop on their population - it is the role of government to ensure that support is available for those who cannot adequately support themselves. This falls well outside government's remit and its right to interfere in our daily lives.

How long before we get fined or jailed for refusing to identify ourselves to a policeman?

Welcome to Labour's Big Brother society.

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