Friday, September 05, 2008

David Davies? No!

Following a year of phoney war about the referendum on devolving further powers to the Assembly, in which few people (well, outside Plaid!) have really tied their colours to the mast, the campaign lurched into activity yesterday with David Davies (not the Barry swimmer!) fronting the nascent 'No' campaign.

There's more in today's Western Mail, with a former Labour councillor in Islwyn saying that he will have no problem backing the ultra-right wing Tory.

Personally, I welcome the creation of a 'no' campaign. A conversation between people who agree with each other, as most do in Welsh politics, is no substitute for the cut and thrust of debate and discussion which must be held at as public a level of possible, to involve the entire population.

Saying 'no', of course, is very easy, but it's up to us to debunk the myths and lies that the 'no' campaign will throw at us.

Timing is everything in politics and, as a supporter of the 'Yes' campaign, I'm rather glad that Davies has chosen this week to make his pledge, as it will certainly concentrate Plaid minds on the task ahead and fire the imagination ahead of National Conference.

It's time to get out there and campaign for the 'Yes' vote.

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